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Help with Academic Writing

Your lecturers will help you with the correct conventions of communication within your discipline but ultimately it is your responsibility to learn how to become a competent writer.

Curtin has many different resources and people ready to help you to improve your writing and understanding of English at university. To get further information on these resources please click on the following links:

The Learning Centre

The Learning Centre offers free academic support programs designed to enhance the performance of both undergraduate and postgraduate students in their course of study. Resources include: Communication and Presentation Skills, Writing Skills, Study Skills, English Language Skills, and help for HDR students. The Learning Centre also has online resources to assist students with their writing.

The Library

The Library website also provides resources to assist you to gain the fundamental skills required for effectively studying at Curtin.

Curtin University Bookshop

Alternatively, there are books available in the Curtin University Bookshop that can be used to enhance your writing skills.

Book Name Author Contents
The little red writing book - better sentences J. Dawson Introduction: How to use the Writing Construction Manual; Sentence Structure; Punctuation; Grammar and Syntax
The little blue writing book - essays J. Dawson About essays; analyse the brief; thesis statements; gather and organise data; writing, editing and proof-reading.
In Writing J. Samson and A. Radloff Writing as a Problem to be Solved; Getting Started; Pre-planning; Planning; Composing; Reviewing; Evaluating; Some Final Considerations
The Essay: A Guide to Writing Essays and Reports in Education J. Samson, A. Radloff and
B. de la Harpe
Written to assist tertiary students with their essay writing and presentation skills. Includes information on how to plan an essay; structure ideas; write an introduction, main body and conclusion; and avoid plagiarising when using authors' exact words or paraphrasing authors' ideas.