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Referencing Styles

Referencing provides the reader of your work with the information required to be able to check on the sources you have used. The reader may agree with your interpretation of the ideas or may choose to disagree with you, but either way it is necessary that you provide them with the means to make their own judgements. It allows your tutor/lecturer to determine where you have taken your ideas from, how widely you have read about the topic and to decide how well you have understood the resources and been able to incorporate different ideas into your own understanding. If your work contains exceptionally well-written text and innovative ideas but with no citations or references, your tutor may well question its authenticity. Remember, your tutor is familiar with the topic and has read widely so has probably encountered these references before. He/she will usually recognise the words and ideas of other authors in the field.

How do I make in-text citations and referencing?

This will depend on your discipline area and the style of referencing required. The referencing guides prepared by the Library include:

Individual schools and departments may recommend variations on these styles - or referencing styles not listed here. It is very important that you check with your lecturers and tutors to make sure you are using the correct style.


Which reference style should I use?

Information about which referencing style to use should be in your Course Guide or unit outlines. Each referencing style guide has examples of how to insert the citation into the body of the work and how to format the references at the end. Pay particular attention to the position of commas, full stops etc, and any indentations or brackets. Also think carefully about how to insert the citations within the text of your assignment. It is best to work with the referencing guide beside you and ask your tutor/lecturer for help if you are experiencing difficulties. Getting the referencing right can take almost as much time as doing the assignment. You need to be aware of this and plan your time accordingly.