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Academic Integrity

Copyright Queries and Concerns?

Queries and concerns related to copyright should be directed to Curtin's Copyright and Compliance Officer on +61 8 9266 7494.

Academic Integrity Guide for Students



Student Checklist to Prevent Plagiarism



Copyright for Students

As a Curtin student you are subject to the provisions of the Commonwealth of Australia Copyright Act 1968 and are obliged to abide by the University's policies and requirements on copying.

Students who flagrantly disregard University policy and copyright requirements will be liable to disciplinary action under the Student Disciplinary Statute and leave themselves open to prosecution by individual copyright owners.

If you are copying material in a location outside of Australia, you will also need to make yourself aware of the copyright legislative requirements of that location.

Fair Dealing

Under copyright fair dealing provisions you are permitted to photocopy, download or print materials for the purpose of research and study, criticism or review. The intention of the fair dealing provision is to give you flexibility for where and when you read or study the material, it DOES NOT give you permission to copy and use the material in your own work.

Certain limits apply to what and how much you can photocopy, download or print, for example:

You should normally only make a single copy, for your own individual use.

Material (including music, film, unlicensed software) that does not support the educational purposes of the University cannot be downloaded, copied or communicated using University or personally owned equipment, or computer networks.

Copying of software and pre-purchased or rented videos, audio tapes, CDs or DVDs is NOT permitted except with the express permission of the copyright owner.