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Student Checklist to Prevent Plagiarism



Using Turnitin for HDR Students

How-to Videos

Curtin is committed to producing high quality research and recognises the contribution to this goal made by HDR students. To achieve this goal Curtin must also foster a culture of research integrity. Providing HDR students with access to Turnitin to check their work is a strategy contributing to academic and research integrity. Curtin recognises HDR students as research colleagues and has thus designed the mechanism for access to Turnitin to focus on the student producing the report from Turnitin and sharing this with their supervisors to facilitate a dialogue.

To assist HDR student the following resources are provided:

Getting started with Turnitin for HDR students

  • the role of Turnitin in the HDR process
  • how to submit your work to Turnitin

Understanding Turnitin's report

  • how to access the Originality Report
  • What the Similarity Index is
  • how the Originality Report is used to identify plagiarism

What to do about those highlighted bits

  • reviewing your matches and deciding what action to take
  • how to plan your work to prevent plagiarism
Downloading or printing your Originality Report